Homework 3: Due Feb 13

I would like each of you to research the trade literature, web resources, and other materials to answer the following question.

You are required to decide what type of wiring should be used in a local area network (LAN) here at the Heinz School. We run PC's (486s) on our LAN. The alternatives being considered are: twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optical fiber. The material given to you in class gives you information about bandwidths and data rates that can be supported on each of these types of media. In addition, you are told that a new standard, Fast Ethernet, permits data rates of upto 100Mbs over copper.

a. What are the cost differences between each of these types of media for this type of LAN applicatione? How is it measured in industry?

b. When you research answers to this question, what are some of the other variables that are relevant to making the decision about which transmission medium should be used for this application.

Document the sources you used to arrive at your answers.

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