Telecommunications Management - Spring 97

Homework 1 Solution

Shearson Lehman Case

Case Analysis


To streamline the operations for certification for options trading, a regulated task with mandated 15 day response time.

PEOPLE- Organizational Context


Consultant in the Shearson branch office, customers, evaluators in HQ, Data entry operator, Compliance department members.


Wang Lab, Branches connected to this system, Shearman Lehman Client Documentation Services in New York, Data Entry Department, Compliance department. Team in Director of Client Operations led by the vice president to sponsor the project(consists of clients, designers, and implementers, American Express's Technical planning's Securities Information Group

Type: Paper forms, data

- Background information

- Data entry information

Mainframe based system

WORK PRACTICES - (Current Business Process)



Strategy - Make customer service a distinctive feature of dealing with Shearson Lehman

Technology Strategy -

Leverage existing IT investment (Main Frame based compliance system)

Use IT to improve workflow - Fax Email, LAN, WAN, Imaging Systems

Operational Issues

Design of workflow

Specific decisions about how IT will be used to reengineer the process

The Reengineered Process



Answers to Questions

  1. A combinations of image processing and local area networks might streamline a college's administration in several ways
    a) Improve access to students' records (application forms, resumes, transcripts). All this can be available on-line
    b) Allow students to submit assignments via the LAN, rather than handing in papers. The instructor could grade them and annotate them and send it back on the LAN.
    c) Improve communication between students and faculty by allowing students and faculty to interact outside class hours with physical travel.
    d) Allow students to register for classes via the LAN instead of standing in a line or mailing in registration. If credit cards are used then tuition could be paid using them.
  2. New types of services:
    a) Course registration/dropping/adding
    b) On-line course catalog and schedule: easy to distribute and update
    c) Applications for admission, with connections to testing services or other colleges' transcript services
    d) Student course grades on-line
    e) Instructors' course evaluations on-line
    f) News services for the college community
  3. Barriers
    a) Financial: Cost of equipment, software , personnel, maintenance
    b) Organizational: Power shifts among administrators, change in relationships between students and administration
    c) Economic: Every student and administrator would need a PC and software.
    d) Privacy: Much personal data would be available on the network. Responsibility for safeguarding this data would have to be assigned. Enforcement of security and ethical behavior would need to be devised. Administration of this alone could be very expensive.

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