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General Interest

CIA World Factbook 1994
FedWorld Beta Home Page
Links to tons of federal govt systems
NOAA Home Page
Cool weather stuff
Earlybird News
Earlybird Pentagon news service
(Not available to workstation users)
NPS Computer Club
PC/Computing homepage
A small online version of the magazine
PC/Computing's Web Map
A simple net navigation tool
AT&T 800 Directory on the Internet
Save yourself some $$$
IRS--Tax Forms and Instructions
In PostScript and Adobe .pdf formats
Univ of Texas ftp server
Huge repository
Garbo FTP site
Another huge repository
Airline Reservations
Online reservations and purchasing (via Telnet)
Monterey Weather Map


Ender's Realm Graphics
A repository of goodies for web publishers
Really Quick Guide to Good HTML
Objects, Scripts and the Web
Guides to Writing HTML Documents
An Exploration of Dynamic Documents


Hemant Bhargava's Home Page

Web servers

Windows Web Server Utilities
Windows httpd
Web Server Resource Guide

Dephi Stuff

Delphi Links

Telecommunications Networks -- IS 4502