The Kingdom Drinking Game


This drinking game was written by Rob. The rules of the game are simple. Gather a bunch of friends, and watch "The Kingdom" all the way through, with beverages of your choice. Bathroom breaks are recommended.

One sip every time there is an ambulance. Two sips every time an ambulance hits something.

One sip every time there is a transulcent character (if there is more than one translucent character on screen at once, it only counts as one).Four sips if the character is normally not translucent.

One sip every time there is a reference to some function generally performed in a bathroom.

Four Sips for each appearance of the moose head.

Three Sips when someone dies. Finish your glass if they come back to life.

One Sip for each reference to "Haiti" or "Voodoo".

One sip for each shot beyond 6 out of the revolver without reloading.

One Sip whenever Mrs. Drusse criticizes Bulder.

One Sip whenever Mrs. Drusse is discharged.

One Sip for each appearance of a severed head.

One sip for each use of green in "The Kingdom II". Finish your glass whenver green is used in "The Kingdom"

One sip each time Stig changes his mind about something.

One sip each time Ole is interrupted.

Two sips each time Mrs. Drusse finds a new way to communicate with the other world (flurescent light bulbs, pendilum, speaking directly, tug-of-war, visiting the Sweedenbourg Room, seance, etc).

One Sip each time Stig does one of the following: Visits the porters office (two sips if the boss is in); removes the hubcaps from his car; sets up traffic cones; gets a new car.

One sip for each "Danish Scum".

One sip for each "Hepatoma" or "Sarcoma".

One sip each time Bondo says "Science!" Two sips if someone says it to him (i.e. they aren't echoing him).

One sip for each use of the phrase "birds of passage".

One sip for each duck reference.

Three sips each time someting fails to work in translation (for example, the TIGER/RIGET anagram counts, but bad subtitling does not).

One sip each time we see the dishwashers.

One sip each time someone is blackmailed.

One sip each time the archives are opened at 9pm. Two sips each time someone is locked in the archives (per person).

Two sips each time there is a bailiff.

One sip each time there is a dog.

One Sip whenever Mona's blocks spell out the name "Helmer". Additional Sip each time someone destroy's Mona's message.

One sip each time Moosegard informs Helmer of a further development in the Mona case.

Finish your glass for each Microsoft reference.