This is the most ghetto page ever, but its functional. So I don’t care at this point ;^P.

This page is basically just here so that you can check out the files below..

Video is WMV and Audio is MP3

Everything was ripped from mpegs downloaded from a Wolfs Rain IRC Channel.

All video and audio files run less then 2 min.

I attempted to include the credits of any other teams that helped.

Well what are you waiting for? Enjoy!




Wolf's Rain Ending Theme (Mp3, 1.82MB)

Wolf's Rain Ending Theme (Wmv, 6.77MB)

This is the Song Played at the end of each Wolf’s Rain episode, excluding 26 and 30.



Wolf's Rain Opening Theme (Mp3, 2.06MB)

Wolf's Rain Opening Theme (Wmv, 8.40MB)

This is the Song Played at the beginning of each Wolf’s Rain Episode.

I am not sure about the original airings or the DVDs, but on the episodes that I have there is no opening theme on episodes 26-30.



Wolf's Rain Episode 26 End Credits (Wmv, 5.39MB)

This is the Ending Credits To Episode 26. This Episode was the original ending to the series. When the episode was aired in the states this short ending credits scene was not shown.



I have no idea about legal rights and all that B.S. So I just put all this crap up on the web without looking into anything. The videos are all less then 2 min, but the Mp3’s are the full song. So I guess its possible what I’m doing here is wrong, and if that is the case and you are someone of power, then please email me and let me know, ill be glad to take anything off of this site that needs to be taken off of it.




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