Rashad Eletreby

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Rashad Eletreby
PhD Candidate
Dowd Fellow
CMU Presidential Fellow
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Email: reletreby@cmu.edu
Office: HH A300-A1

Brief Bio

Rashad Eletreby is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University where he is a member of Dr. Osman Yağan’s research group. Rashad’s research interests span the areas of network science, random graph theory, and wireless communications. Over the past four years, his research has appeared in IEEE ISIT, IEEE CDC, Allerton, and ACM SIGCOMM. He has been recognized by multiple prestigious fellowships including Dowd Fellowship, Carnegie Mellon University Presidential Fellowship, William J. Happel Fellowship, and Carnegie Institute of Technology Dean’s Fellowship. In summer 2018, he joined the Wireless Connectivity group at Robert Bosch LLC for a summer internship.

Research Interests

  • Network Science

    • Evolution of spreading processes (e.g., information and infectious diseases) on complex networks.

    • Modeling and analyzing the spread of fake news on social networks.

  • Graph Theory/Probability Theory

    • Modeling, design, and performance evaluation of secure, large-scale, heterogeneous, mobile wireless networks using random graph modeling and analysis.

  • Wireless Communications

    • UWB localization and security.

    • Optimizing LPWANs for IoT applications in urban areas.

    • Physical layer security using artificial noise techniques.

    • Resource allocation for wireless sensor networks


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