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Publications in 2002 (4)

Cary, M. & Reder, L.M. (2002). Metacognition in strategy selection: Giving consciousness too much credit. In M. Izaute, P. Chambres, & P.J. Marescaux (Eds.), Metacognition: Process, Function, and Use. New York, NY: Kluwer, 63-78. [download PDF]

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Reder, L.M., Angstadt, P., Cary, M., Erickson, M.A., & Ayers, M.A. (2002). A reexamination of stimulus-frequency effects in recognition: two mirrors for low- and high-frequency pseudowords. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, 28, 138-152. [download PDF]

Reder, L.M., Donavos, D.K., & Erickson, M.A. (2002). Perceptual match effects in direct tests of memory: The role of contextual fan. Memory & Cognition, 30(2), 312-323. [download PDF]