Rebecca E. Ciez, J.F. Whitacre, Comparison between cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion cell costs using a process based cost model, Journal of Power Sources 340, 273-281 (2017) [Press Release] [ Study] [IEEE Spectrum]

Rebecca E. Ciez, J.F. Whitacre, The cost of lithium is unlikely to upend the price of Li-ion storage systems, Journal of Power Sources 320, 310-313 (2016) [Press Release] [Study]

Rebecca Ciez, J.F. Whitacre, Comparative techno-economic analysis of hybrid micro-grid systems utilizing different battery types, Energy Conversion and Management 112, 435-444 (2016) [Study]

Research Interests

  • Energy storage & distributed energy systems
  • Hybrid energy-water systems
  • Human-computer concurrent engineering frameworks for food-energy-water systems
  • Energy economics & policy
  • Economies of scale battery manufacturing
  • Battery recycling markets & products