Lab 10: Student Defined Lab - Basketball

Student TAs: Brian Bittner, Jae Kim, Rauhit Ashar

Grading Sheet

Challenge Statement:

Build a completely autonomous robot that can play basketball in the given court.
Your robot must be able to localize from any position within the map and then
drive towards one of the two hoops. Your robot must then shoot a ping pong ball
into the hoop. Your robot does not need to retrieve the ball nor does it need
to be able to shoot more than once. During your demo you will get 5 attempts to
shoot the ball into the hoops. The TAs will set your robot down in a random position
and orientation on the court and press go.
This is an image of the course you will be playing on. The two hoops will be over the completely black portions of the map.

Design Requirements


If you successfully shoot the ball into the hoop you are awarded points based on how far away from the hoop you shot from (measured in Centimeters). You have 7 minutes total for all your 5 separate runs. This includes collecting the ball and putting it back in your robot, fixing your robot etc.

On each time you run we will deduct 20% of your points after every 30 seconds. For example if you shoot the ball from 25 cm away in 23 seconds you get 15 points. However, if it takes you 32 seconds you only get 12 points.


The top four teams will be selected to go to the semifinals. TBA.