A S S I G N M E N T S   Assignment • Due Date • Guidelines

    Due Date Weighting
  Assignment 1 09/09 System Families (50%)
      Component Families (20%)
    09/16 BIM Case Study (30%)
  Assignment 2 09/23  
  Assignment 3 10/07  
  Assignment 4 11/04 Project Proposal
    11/18 Preliminary Project Review
    12/09 Final Project Presentation
  The majority of your assignments will be Revit files, images, and word documents for the reports. As such, all assignments are to be handed in via the digital dropbox on the Blackboard site under the “Tools” menu. If there are multiple files in your submission, place them all in a folder named firstname_lastname_hw#. Zip this folder using any suitable program (maintain the naming convention for the zip file) and submit this zip file to the digital dropbox. The deadline is set for a half-hour prior to class on the day the assignment is due. All submissions to the digital dropbox are time-stamped, and there will only be minor leeway given to this deadline (15 minutes at most) without prior permission from the instructor.

All Revit-related assignments will require you to model a building or create a customized family (be it a group of components, and sometime coupled with a external database, or additional text files) and generate some output (some images of screen shots). Your submission must include all files named firstname_lastname_hw#_pm#.rvt that produces the asked-for output (replace the # with a number) and any image output of your submission named firstname_lastname_hw#_pm#.jpg. The graders should be able to take your submitted folder and open rvt-file(s) to view all of the output. As is the case with all programming, commenting your code is a helpful thing for outsiders (i.e. the graders) who might try to follow your customized procedures. (15 minutes at most) without prior permission from the instructor.

For example, say my name is Richard Feynman and I’m working on Assignment 1 which has 3 problems. The following files will be placed in the folder Richard_Feynman_hw1 and zipped into the Richard_Feynman_hw1.zip:

Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm1.rvt
Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm1.jpg
Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm2.rvt
Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm2_1.jpg (if you are required to have multiple images)
Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm2_2.jpg
Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm3.rvt
Richard_ Feynman_hw1_pm3.jpg