All Grown-Ups Were Children First,

But Only Few of Them Remember it.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


        In the fall semester of 2005, I had the honor of being asked to deliver the student graduation speech for the December graduation ceremony at Berry College. Of course I readily accepted, without giving too much thought what I would want to talk about at the time. After hearing the same useless topic suggestions numerous times (“You should mention my name as often as possible.” and “You should give the whole speech in German.”), I finally got one I liked a week before graduation: As a business major, I should talk about why money is more important than people!

        The friend who’d made that suggestion was shocked to hear that I liked the idea, as he had only meant it as a joke. But I had my idea. So after a stressful couple of days (I have never been as tired as two days before the speech!), I finally finished my speech the day before graduation. And it was worth all my efforts. People liked it, and I sometimes still go back to it myself to remind me about what is important in life. I hope you enjoy it!