Running is Real and Relatively Simple... But it Ain’t Easy.

(Mark Will-Weber)


        For the longest time, running was just a means to an end for me. In particular, running was what I needed to do before soccer preseason if I wanted to survive the first week of practice. After I graduated from Berry College I started running to stay in shape year round. While I did run more or less regularly, I realized that I wasn’t quite as disciplined about it as I thought without the goal of soccer season ahead.

        In 2010, I read Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run”. This is when I started running for running’s sake, i.e. for the enjoyment running can provide in itself. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in running. (On a side note, I also credit the book for pushing me further down the road to healthier nutrition.) Among other things, the book talks a lot about the advantages of running barefoot - or at least with minimalist footwear. After doing some additional research, I became convinced that running (almost) barefoot is significantly healthier for your body and bought myself a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. I absolutely love running in them! For a quick explanation for why running (almost) barefoot is better for you, check out this Nature video from a Harvard professor:

        Of course, I also still have my athlete’s spirit in me. So while mainly running for the pleasure of running itself, I also needed to challenge myself with a proper race. I participated in the Montour Trail Half Marathon in 2010 and, despite not specifically training for it over and above my normal running, finished in 1 hour and 38 minutes. Needless to say, I was very happy with that. And if at some point in the near future I manage to keep myself uninjured despite playing soccer for long enough, I certainly plan to go for the full marathon some time soon...