Conference Theme: Digital Society

Consumerization of IT and the rapid proliferation of digital products and services present a great opportunity for IS researchers to contribute in a significant way towards understanding and shaping the emerging digital society. Accordingly the theme of CIST 2012 is “Digital Society.” The conference will feature panels, keynote speakers and research papers that explore economic, social, organizational, operational, technological, and policy issues at the consumer, enterprise, group and societal levels. Research following all traditions and methodologies are welcome.

Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

    • Consumer behavior in mobile and digital environments
    • Data mining and knowledge discovery
    • Digital intermediaries and sponsored search advertising
    • IS in healthcare
    • Intellectual property, copyrights, and DRM
    • IT in emerging economies and non-governmental organizations
    • Social networks and web 2.0
    • Social media and enterprise 2.0
    • Software engineering
    • Personalization technologies
    • IT adoption, use and assimilation in various contexts
    • The role of IT in shaping societies, cultures and nations
    • Outsourcing and application service contracting
    • IT and co-creation of values; value ecosystems
    • Software procurement, open source software, and open standards
    • Knowledge management, collaboration and boundary spanning
    • Online communities, and computer-mediated collaboration 
    • The effects of IT on industrial organization and firm boundaries
    • The economics of digital products and information goods
    • Electronic commerce and electronic markets