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On this page you can find some information about my hot WWW links, research interests, activities, conference plans, vitae, and recent publications.

Hot links of the day

ELM-ART Home Page
ELM-ART is one of the first Intelligent Tutoring Systems on WWW. Try it to learn Lisp yourself!
Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia Home Page
Adaptive Hypermedia is a new area of research on the crossroad of CHI and ITS. Check this Home Page to see what is going on!
InterBook Home Page
InterBook is a tool for authoring and delivering adaptive hypermedia on the World Wide Web. Try CMU InterBook Server to see real adaptive hypermedia or download your own server and publish your adaptive hypermedia on the Web!
Central European Chapter (CEC) of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
CEC AACE provides important contacts and valuable journal and conference discounts for researchers from East Europe or Former Soviet Union.
PEG-97 in Bulgaria
One of the most attractive conferences on advanced computer technologies in education in 1997. PEG-97 continues the line of well-known PEG conferences held previously in Uppsala (Sweden), Rapallo (Italy), and Edinburgh (Scotland). At the same time, it continues the line of East-West Conferences on Computers in Education held previously in Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), and Yalta (Ukraine) and used to serve as major meeting point for scientists from Western and East European research communities

Research Interests


Member of program committee or organizing committe of a number of international conferences including: Editorial or reviewing board member for several journals including: Executive Committee Member of Artificial Intelligence in Education Society, member of ACM, European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics, The Psychology of Programming Interst Group and Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence

Conference plans

You can meet me in 1996 and 1997 at the following conferences:


Born in Moscow, Graduated with honour (1983) from the Moscow State University (Applied Mathematics). PhD from the Moscow State University, 1987 (Computer Science). Junior and Senior Research Scientist in All-Union Scientific and Technical Information Center (1987 to 1990). Senior Research Scientist in International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (1990-1994). Part-time lecturer and student supervisor in the Moscow State University (from 1987). Part-time Senior Research Scientinst in Russian Academy of Science Research Institute for System Research (1993-1996). Visiting researcher/professor in University of Sussex, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (UK) and Tokio Denki University (Japan) (1993). Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Cognition and Communication Group, Department of Psychology, University of Trier, Germany (From September 1994 to March 1996). From April 1996 I am a Visiting Research Scientist at School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Selected recent publications (1992-1996)

Methods and techniques of adaptive hypermedia. To be published in: User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, 1996, 6 (2-3).

Collaborative example selection in an intelligent example-based programming environment. In D. C. Edelson, & E. A. Domeshek (Eds.), In Proceedings of International Conference on Learning Sciences, ICLS'96, Evanston, IL, USA, AACE. - pp. 357-362 (With Gerhard Weber.)

A Tool for Developing Hypermedia-Based ITS on WWW. Proceedings of Workshop on Architectures and Methods for Designing Cost-Effective and Reusable ITSs held at ITS'96, Third International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Montreal, Canada, June 10, 1996. (With Elmar Schwarz, & Gerhard Weber.)

ELM-ART: An intelligent tutoring system on World Wide Web. In C. Frasson, G. Gauthier, & A. Lesgold (Ed.), Third International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, ITS-96 (Vol. 1086, pp. 261-269). Berlin: Springer Verlag, 1996. (With Elmar Schwarz, & Gerhard Weber.)

World-wide intelligent textbooks. In Proceedings of ED-TELECOM'96 - World Conference on Educational Telecommunications, June 1-22, 1996. Boston, MA, AACE. - pp. 302-307. (With Elmar Schwarz, & Gerhard Weber.)

Adaptive hypermedia, an attempt to analyze and generalize. In P. Brusilovsky, P. Kommers, & N. Streitz (Eds.), Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Virtual Reality (Vol. 1077, pp. 288-304). Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1996.

Intelligent learning environments for programming: The case for integration and adaptation. Invited talk. In J. Greer (Eds.), Proceedings of AI-ED'95, 7th World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Washington, DC , 16-19 August 1995. - pp. 1-8

Integrating Hypermedia and Intelligent Tutoring Technologies: From Systems to Authoring Tools. Proceedings of AI-ED-95 Workshop on Authoring Shells for Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Washington, DC, 16 August 1995.

Towards adaptive learning environments. In F. Huber-Wäschle, H. Schauer, & P. Widmayer (Eds.), Proceedings of GISI 95, Zürich, 18-20 September 1995. Berlin, Springer-Verlag. - pp. 322-329 (With Marcus Specht & Gerhard Weber.)

Adaptive educational hypermedia: From ideas to real systems. In H. Maurer (Eds.), Proceedings of ED-MEDIA'95 - World conference on educational multimedia and hypermedia, Graz, Austria, June 17-21, 1995. Charlottesville, AACE. - pp. 93-98 (With I. Beaumont)

Educational applications of adaptive hypermedia. In K. Nordby, P. Helmersen, D. J. Gilmore, & S. A. Arnesen (Eds.), Human-Computer Interaction, Proceedings of Interact'95, Lillehamer, Norway, June 27-29, 1995, London, Chapman & Hall. - pp. 410-414. (With I. Beaumont)

Visual annotation of links in adaptive hypermedia. In I. Katz, R. Mack, & L. Marks (Eds.), CHI'95 Conference Companion, Denver, May 7-11, 1995. - pp. 222-223. (With L. Pesin)

Intelligent tutoring systems for World-Wide Web. In R. Holzapfel (Eds.), Poster proceedings of Third International WWW Conference. Darmstadt, April 10-14, 1995 - pp. 42-45.

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Student model centered architecture for intelligent learning environments. In Proc. of Fourth international conference on User Modeling, 15-19 August, Hyannis, MA, USA. User Modeling Inc, 1994. 31-36

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Adaptive hypermedia: the state of the art. In P. Brusilovsky (ed) Proc of East-West international conference on Multimedia, Hypermedia and Virtual Reality, Moscow, Russia, Sept. 14-16, 1994. ICSTI, Moscow. 24-29

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