Adaptive educational hypermedia on the WWW

What is InterBook?

InterBook is a tool for authoring and delivering adaptive electronic textbooks on the World Wide Web. InterBook provides a technology for developing electronic textbooks from a plain text to a specially annotated HTML. InterBook also provides an HTTP server for adaptive delivery of these electronic textbooks over WWW. For each registered user, an InterBook server maintains an individual model of user's knowledge and applies this model to provide adaptive guidance, adaptive navigation support, and adaptive help.

InterBook applies some results of research in the area of Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia. These research demonstrate that adaptive navigation support can make hypermedia browsing more productive and protect users from "being lost" in hyperspace. to provide students with these guidance as well as providers of learning materials with standards and authoring tools for an efficient utilization of the WWW as an intelligent learning support media. Adaptive navigation support techniques applied in InterBook proved to be efficient for educational applications of hypertext and hypermedia.


InterBook is a result of cooperation between researchers of the School of Computer Science at the Carnegie Mellon University and the Department of Psychology at the University of Trier. Please contact the main developers Elmar Schwarz and Peter Brusilovsky for any further questions and comments.

Conceptually, InterBook is based on a knowledge-based approach to creating adaptive and interactive electronic textbooks. This approach was originally applied in ELM-ART, a WWW-based Intelligent Tutoring System for learning the programming language LISP. InterBook itself is a trial to develop a domain independent tool for creating adaptive electronic textbooks based on the same approach and on the experience gained with ELM-ART.

Technically, InterBook is based on CL-HTTP, a Common Lisp Hypermedia Server developed in MIT AI Lab. CL-HTTP is a full-featured server for the Internet Hypertext Transfer Protocol. CL-HTTP is currently available for all major platforms.

Try InterBook

You are wellcome to try current version of InterBook running on CMU InterBook Server. The server is self-documented. Among other electronic textbook, it serves the InterBook Manual which is an adaptive electronic textbook itself. We recomend you to start with this Manual to check various features of InterBook-served electronic textbooks. InterBook extensively uses multiple windows (separate windows are currently used for the Glossary, the Table of Content, and for each electronic textbooks) and multiple frames within window. It means that you will need Netscape 2.0 or higher to work with InterBook

Download InterBook

InterBook is freely available for everybody who wants to use it non-commercially. Please click here to download InterBook-light 1.2. Note that current release is only available for Apple Macintosh computers. Ports to other platforms need some time for being completed.

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