Booth is one of the main events of Carnegie Mellon's Spring Carnival. Phi Kappa Theta prides itself on a history of success in the event. Every April, Greek and student organizations compete at building structures that elaborate on the theme of that year's Carnival. Each booth is unique and is an opportunity for the organizations to represent themselves to the Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh community.

Phi Kappa Theta continually produces amazing booths and has enjoyed great success over the years. Booth provides an enjoyable experience for every member of the house. The competition allows Phi Kaps to show the diversity of its members by having each one contribute his strengths toward the booth's completion. This is seen in the amazing attention to detail, the design, and the overall quality of each booth produced year after year.

Spring Carnival booth trophies have not come as often as buggy trophies. Until 1988, Phi Kap had only won three: one in 1960 for a booth called "Sadie Hawkins Race," one in 1962 for a booth based on the theme "Midnight in Moscow," and one in 1979.

In 1974, Jay Stimmel and Geoff Byran constructed a booth that could easily be reconstructed from year to year and it served loyally as a money maker but failed in competition. In 1977, however, "The Whitehouse," built by Dave Mittereder under Colin McKechnie's direction, provided a substantial profit and was Phi Kap's strongest attempt at a booth trophy since 1962. Due to some electrical failures, the booth missed a trophy in the final competition by 3 points. In the past, our booths pleased paying customers more than the judges. In 1979 our booth "Saudi Arabia" built under the direction of Colin and Brad Linden won third place.

In 1987 we decided to drop the old booth and go for a trophy. The booth was Tokyo, designed by Eric Jacobs and Steve Kravchin. This was our first booth effort in years and we placed fifth. In 1988 Mike Gersh and Scott Harger did an incredible job of motivating the house and building the finest booth ever. The booth was called "Phi Kaps of Arabia" and placed second overall, the highest we placed in over thirty years. In 1989, Daryl Thomas and Pete Pezaris lead the house in continuing the new tradition, finishing second to DTD by a single point with the two-story booth "Clue."

In 2002, Phi Kappa Theta was going through some difficulties building booth because we did not have a house on the fraternity quad that year. However, the booth chairs pulled together some plans 10 days before Carnival and work began immediately. Brothers sacrificed much to pull time out of their hectic schedules and work on what might be difficult to finish. "M.C. Escher," popularly known among PhiKaps as The Ten Day Booth, grew out scraps of wood and snagged the second place trophy.


Year Booth  Carnival Theme  Chair(s) Place Photos
2008 Chocolate Factory Extra Extra, Read All about It Luis Castellanos/Elliot Cha/Mika Cha 4th
2007 Cuckoo Clock Small Things Made Large Ray Obico/Jeffry Goldberg 3rd 1, 2
2006 Area 51 Another Time and Place Emil Kiner/Jeremy Machi 3rd 1, 2
2005 How Fear Works How Things Work Kurt Giessler 5th 1, 2
2004 Magic Kingdom  To Be A Kid Again  Matt Filipone/Jeff Kalinoski  2nd 1, 2
2003 Ancient Greece  The Past Comes Alive Danny Ghesquire/Dante Romanini  5th 1, 2
2002 M.C. Escher Inside Out Dante Romanini 2nd 1, 2
2001 Mr Roger's Neighborhood  Small Things Made Large Brent Buck / Barry Langer  3rd 1, 2
2000 Wild West  Places Around the World Matt Malter-Cohen  1st 1, 2
1999 Wizard of Oz Children's Books  Merritt Gile/Jonathan Beerhalter  2nd 1, 2
1998 Leonardo's Workshop  Myths and Legends  Metthew Lee  3rd 1, 2
1997 Sherlock Holmes  TV Shows  Pat Toole  1st 1, 2
1996 Return of the Jedi  Board Games  Danny Ting/Evren Damar  2nd  
1995 The Addams Family  Comic Strips  Greg Mumpower  1st 1, 2
1994 Norwegian Stave Church  Structures of the World? Jason Bareford/Hughes Steinier  1st 1, 2
1993 Mann's Chinese Theater  The Silver Screen Kurt White/John Ferris  1st 1, 2
1992 Tower of Babel  Myths and Legends Craig Robinson  1st 1
1991 Shogun  Literary Themes Don Good/Michael Mo  1st 1, 2
1990 Sutter's Mill  A Place in Time Andy Rosenbaum  1st 1, 2
1989 Clue  Toyland Daryl Thomas/Peter Pezaris  2nd 1, 2
1988 Phi Kaps of Arabia  Fairy Tales Scott Harger/Mike Gersh  2nd 1, 2
1987 Tokyo  Around the World Eric Jacobs/Steve Kravchin 5th  
1986 The Box from the Twilight Zone  Hollywood       
1985 The Box from the Far Side  Animation       
1984 Booth from the Past  Adventure       
1983 Lost in Space  Some Like It Rough       
1982 Bait and Tackle Shop  Lure of the Sea       
1981 Sutter's Mill  Wild Wild West       
1980 Circle Line  New York City       
1979 Saudi Arabia  Countries Brad Linden/Colin McKechnie 3rd  
1978 Myths and Legends  Myths and Legends       
1977 The Whitehouse           
1976 Atlantic City Boardwalk           
1975 Pinball           
1974 Casino Royal           
1973 This Booth Takes Up Space           
1972 Bartholomew's Hat Factory           
1971 The Matterhorn           
1970 Laugh In