Osman Yağan

Grants & Awards

  1. CyLab@IoT: Secure, Resilient, and Continuous Machine Learning in Edge Networks, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: S. Kar, Duration: 1/2021—1/2022.

  2. The US Department of Transportation, National University Transportation Center for Improving the Mobility of People and Goods (Mobility21), Evaluating Resilience in Mixed- Autonomy Transportation Systems, PI: C. Joe-Wong, Co-PIs: O. Yağan, S. Qian, Duration: 1/2021–6/2022.

  3. CMU-Portugal Program: Building HOPE: Building Holistic Optimization of Prosumed Energy, PI: J. Mohammadi, Co-PI: O. Yağan, Duration: 1/2021–1/2024.

  4. IBM Academic Award, PI: O. Yağan, July 2020.

  5. National Science Foundation (NSF): CIF: Efficient Sequential Decision-Making and Inference in the Small Data Regime, PI: G. Joshi, Co-PI: O. Yağan, Duration 10/2020-10/2024.

  6. Army Research Office (ARO): Assessing the effectiveness of countermeasures against the spread of COVID-19 through a new mathematical model (Grant # W911NF-20-1-0204), PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: H. V. Poor (Princeton University), Duration: 07/2020—07/2021.

  7. National Science Foundation (NSF): RAPID: Collaborative Research: The effects of evolutionary adaptations on the spreading of COVID-19, PI: O. Yağan (Collaborative with H. V. Poor from Princeton), Duration: 05/2020–5/2021.

  8. C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute: Modeling and Control of COVID-19 Propagation for Assessing and Optimizing Intervention Policies, PI: H. V. Poor (Princeton), Co-PIs: O. Yağan, S. Levin (Princeton), J. Plotkin (UPenn), Duration: 07/2020–7/2021.

  9. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation: Robustness of Power Systems against Cascading Failures, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: C. Joe-Wong, Duration: 06/2020–6/2022.

  10. Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA): Containing Impacts of Communication Disruption in Energy IoT Networks, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: J. Mohammadi, Duration: 01/2020–6/2021.

  11. CyLab@IoT: Lightweight Security Architectures for IoT Fog Networks, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: S. Kumar, Duration: 1/2020—1/2021.

  12. Carnegie Bosch Institute: Privacy-Preserving Inference and Decision-Making with IoT Data, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: G. Joshi, Duration: 1/2019—3/2021.

  13. CMKM: Leveraging AI for Personalized Promotions, PI: O. Yağan, Duration: 3/2019—3/2021.

  14. CyLab@IoT: Privacy-Preserving Learning with IoT Data, PI: G. Joshi, Co-PI: O. Yağan, Duration: 3/2019—3/2020.

  15. National Science Foundation (NSF): CIF: Contagion Processes in Multi-layer and Multiplex Networks, PI: O. Yağan, Duration: 10/2018—09/2022.

  16. National Science Foundation (NSF): CIF: EAGER: Statistical Inference and Decision-Making With Sequential Samples, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: G. Joshi, Duration: 08/2018—07/2019.

  17. Siebel Energy Institute: Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics in Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems, PI: G. Joshi, Co-PI: O. Yağan, Duration: 10/2018—04/2019.

  18. CyLab: Detection and Mitigation of Spread of Fake News, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: S. Kumar, Duration: 9/2018—08/2019.

  19. Richard King Mellon Foundation-Manufacturing Futures Initiative: Data-driven Fault Detection and Prediction in Advanced Manufacturing Systems, PI: G. Joshi, Co-PIs: O. Yağan and B. Ozdoganlar, Duration: 8/2018—09/2019.

  20. CIT Dean's Early Career Fellowship, 2018-2021

  21. Bosch Research and Technology Center, Unrestricted Gift, 2018.

  22. Army Research Office (ARO): Network Science: Data–driven Modeling of Information Propagation in Multi-layer and Multiplex Networks (Grant # W911NF-17-1-0587), PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: H. V. Poor (Princeton University), Duration: 09/2017—3/2021.

  23. National Science Foundation (NSF): CIF: Designing Secure, Reliable, and Resilient Wireless Sensor Networks, PI: O. Yağan, Co-PI: V. Gligor, Duration: 07/2016—06/2020.

  24. National Science Foundation (NSF): NeTS: CIF: Robust and Optimal Design of Interdependent Networks, PI: O. Yağan, Duration: 08/2014—07/2018.

  25. Department of Energy (DoE): Developing an Open Source, Scalable Distributed Energy Resource Management System (sub-contract through SLAC), PI: O. Yağan.

  26. Persistent Sytems, Inc., Unrestricted Gift, 2015.

  27. Berkman Faculty Development Grant, CMU - Information and Influence Propagation in Multi-layer Networks: Modeling, Analysis, and Control, 2015.