Film projects in which I played the role of writer, director and editor.

Further down, I have included childhood projects (8th-grade onwards) that I shot with my dad's handheld cam. Language - Hindi

University Projects

A Ray of Hope

A short film that focuses on "Hope". Amidst our pool of problems, there is always a ray of hope. The film relies on an undergraduate student's problem of finding job after graduation. I had written the poem narrated in the background during my undergrad years at Purdue.

Subjective Reality

A short film stressing on the "Surrealists". According to the surrealists, visuals are absurd and bizarre. My take was to keep the absurd nature of visuals but still deliver the emotional and "sense" aspect of the film. It is only in the end that one realizes the meaning of the visuals (for a non-surrealist).

What's the Difference?

A short Montage film that tries to relate two situations. The film tries to compare painful suiciding with a "gun" and slow graduall death achieved by heavy drinking and smoking which eventually is also a form of suicide. During my undergrad I encountered many incidences that led me write the poem mentioned in the end. The montage film compliments the intensity to the written words.

Earhart Project

I was given an opportunity through my editing class to edit a portion of a documentary from Purdue University based on Amelia Earhart. My challenge was to edit such that my editing style remains similar to the rest of the edit while keeping up with the "edit script" provided to me.

Audio Project

One of my favourite projects. I was given a silent episode of 3 pigs cartoon series. I dubbed the entire episode with noises that speak out the words(through the pitch and length), foley sounds including the comical sounds, and background score that matches the mood. I had so much fun giving life to a lifeless cartoon episode.

High School/Middle School Personal Projects

The Sub-consious Mind


24-Hrs of Freedom