Below are various notable Computer Science projects that I did at Purdue University.

Courses include Computer Architecture, Graphics, Systems Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Operating Systems and Compilers.

Graphics Procedural Modeling Project

Went through research papers that focussed on ways to implement efficient modeling of Buildings.

Implemented a program that can transform one building to another with just few parameteric changes.[based on multiple research papers.]

Concurrent Ticket Sales Application

Using java, the project involved the concept of Multi-threading based on concurrency.
Situations like booking the same seat in two different sale locations at the same time can be handled with the help of concurrency.

Multi-core 3D Image Processing

Using java, the project demonstrate the use of concurrency to make sure all resources are utilized.
Thus dividing the work amongst vairous threads, significantly improvises the performance i.e. reduced completion time

lore 1 % java Project6
Select the color map[0=JetColorMap,1=XRayColorMap]:0
Enter the camera position[x y z]: -50 128 76
Enter the camera orientation[polar azimuth rotation]:0 0 0
Enter the width of the image: 640
Enter the ray-casting step size: 0.02
Enter the number of threads: 24
Execution Time: 9001 ms

Talk Server & Client

Using C, the project demostrates the use efficent use of data-structures and the concept of buffers.
Ultimately deals with memory in computer to efficiently produce a simple talk server-client mechanism.

MIPS Assembly Language Projects

2-3 simple C programs are written in MIPS Assembly to highlight various basic concepts.
Programs included stack usage during function calls, recursive functions, arithmetic calculation based programs and the effiecient use of registers.

Shell Project Series

The projects focussed on:

Lex, Yacc, Process creation - execution, file redirection, pipes, Wild-Cards and Elimination of Zombie processes.

HTTP Server & Client

The project focussed on building an HTTP Server and a Client.
Mutual exclution and running multiple processes were of primary focus as we built clients requesting data that connected simultaneously.

VOIP Android App

The team project had two components.

TCP based Android client to Unix server via LAN(router) - Users online list + status of clients
UDP client to client communication via voice packet transmission.

OS Projects

Xinu OS improvisation:

Implemented Bounded Buffer for communication, Block Message Passing, Round-Robin Scheduling Policy and Extending the Linux Kernel API.

Compiler Project

JavaCC based Compiler for the Mojo Language
Worked on:

Lexical Analysis:Scanner, Syntactic Analysis:Parser, Semantic Analysis:Type-checking, Synthesis:Translation, Instruction Selection and Register Allocation

Any of the above project code can be requested via email [only for Graduate School Admissions Dept.].
Purdue University Course Policy prevents making project code availaible online.