TURKISH NATIONALITY ROOM -- Dedicated March 4, 2012

Embedded Commissioning of Building Systems In today's digital, green, and consumer driven marketplace, AEC (Architecture, engineering and construction) professionals are looking for sophisticated approaches, tools and systems to help seamlessly and reliably conduct building performance verification assessments. This groundbreaking book provides a solid understanding of the underpinnings and latest developments of embedded commissioning (ECx) as the overarching building evaluation approach. Supported with nearly 100 illustrations and featuring contributions from an all-star team of experts and pioneers of AEC technology, including Burcu Akıncı, Mario Berges, Steven Bushby, James Garrett, Daniel Huber, Sang Hoon Lee, and Tanyel Türkaslan-Bülbül, this unique resource offers indepth coverage of the most important topics in the field.

Posted on March 12, 2012