Williamsburg city center competition entry, with John Decker, 1996

The historic city of Williamsburg has been serving the nations tourist industry for decades. While the city has been growing to accommodate the transient tourist population, the needs of its own internal population has been, by and large, ignored. Modern Williamsburgh has been in existance without a contemporary city center. The open design competition was issued to invite both a courthouse design and a city plan to be proposed in tandem.

The town Plan for New Williamsburg

My 4th year studio was run as ans academic competition to develop one or more proposals for the courthouse program. In order to provide a context for the students' design work, I and another 4th year faculty, John Decker, decided to submit an entry to the "city plan" segment of the competition. Our proposal was developed entirely on the computer responding to the complex functional needs of the rapidly growing modern Williamsburg as well as a sensibly scaled city center taking its cue, without immitation, from the old town.

Two vignettes of proposed urban spaces

The town Center for New Williamsburg