Adel Boshnak Villa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1979. In collaboration with Faisal Tamimi

Adel Boshnak is one of the head of households of a wealthy industrialist family in Saudi Arabia. During the oil boom of the 1980's, his family which has been in the engineering and construction business for decades decided to develop three key buildings: the business headquarters, a private villa for a CEO in Riyadh, and a speculative residential building for the transient population of Medina. All three projects were completed by a firm I started in parrtnership with Faisal Tamimi, called the AL-MISHKAH.

The latter project, by far, is the largest of the three while the residential one is, by every indicatoin, the one architecturally more significant. As the cultural cutoms and norms of this traditional society have been evolving over the last few decades, the desire to hang on to significant values of the past has come into clash with the conveniences afforded by "modern" life. This villa at once embraces these conveniences and presents an open and inviting, contemporary spatial configuration. At the same time it clearly enforces the tennets of privacy and domestic specialization of interior spaces in order to help with the tradition based affairs of the family. Indigeneous elements, such as the mashrubia, cooling fountains and tent forms are part of the composition; so is the deconstructed box with missing corners and transparent partitions.