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The Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh are exhibitions of the diverse cultures that together form and strengthen the fabric of American civilization. To date, 26 different communities, ranging from Armenians to Syrians to Swedes represent their cultural heritage with individually dedicated Rooms.

We have embarked upon the mission to add the Turkish Nationality Room to this collection of museum quality, functional classrooms, maintained and displayed, in perpetuity, by the University of Pittsburgh. Once a Nationality Room is built, such as the Turkish Room, our community will turn to a vigorous program of intercultural exchange.

The Nationality Rooms are expressions of universal human values. The Rooms, designed to be used as, are glowing artistic tributes to the diverse cultural heritage of the Pittsburgh region. Every year more than 100,000 guests and students visit the Nationality Rooms. Since 1944, members of Quo Vadis, a volunteer student organization, have been studying the Rooms in great detail and conducting tours.

National, traditional, and religious holidays are celebrated on campus, and the committees decorate their Rooms or mount displays to commemorate special occasions. Active groups such as the Women’s International Club and the Nationality Council augment the Room committees. Many other organizations are officially affiliated with committees, co-sponsoring cultural and fundraising events. Since 1948, annual scholar-ships numbering more than 700 have enabled University of Pittsburgh students and faculty to study abroad. In addition, lectures, concerts, exhibits, and social events are conducted to highlight facets of some of the 26 cultures.