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What are Nationality Rooms?

The Nationality Rooms program of the University of Pittsburgh consists of 26 different nationality rooms situated in the Cathedral of Learning.

This is a central feature of Pittsburgh's unique cultural heritage and nationality history. Each year over 100,000 guests visit these museum quality rooms ranging from Armenian to Japanese and from Greek to Indian. Currently, there is no Turkish room in this collection, created by living Pittsburgh communities.

They also serve as intercultural catalysts educating students and visitors about world cultures. Since 1948, Nationality Rooms have sponsored hundreds of annual scholarships as well as lectures, concerts, exhibits, and social events.

The rooms are designated as a Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation historical landmark and are located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the Cathedral of Learning, itself a national historic landmark , on the University of Pittsburgh's main campus in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Although of museum caliber, twenty-five of the 27 rooms are in almost constant use as functional classrooms and utilized daily by University of Pittsburgh faculty and students, while the other two are display rooms which can be explored only via guided tour.

The Japanese Classroom

The African Heritage Classroom

The Austrian Classroom

Virtual Tours of the existing rooms are available on the Nationality Rooms official web site

>> http://www.pitt.edu/~natrooms/