Your TA's

Hailed as heroes, feared as gods

  • Neil Abcouwer (nabcouwe) Head
  • Valerie Gonzalez (vgonzale) Head
  • Melissa Mann (mlmann) Field
  • Sang Tian (sangt) Grade Sheet
  • Nico Zevallos (nzevallo) Webmaster
  • Spencer Krause ( Field
  • Brock Allen (jballen) Minion
  • Zane Hintzmann (zeh) Minion
  • Andrew Willig (awillig) Minion
  • Kevin Luo (kwluo) Minion
  • Mustapa Bilgen (mbilgen) Minion
  • Alex Munoz (abmunoz) Minion

The Rulez

Check yourself or wreck yourself


    • 3.5' diameter circle, elevated 2 inches. 4 inch wide warning zone.


    • 2 Robots enter. 1 advances. Tournament decides victor.
    • A match has 3 one-minute rounds. Win match: 1pt. Stalemate: 0.5pt. Best Score advances.

    Robot Size

    • Height > 5" minimum
    • Length < 7.5" maximum
    • Width < 7.5" maximum
  • Must be this size at the beginning and end of match.  
  • Robot Build:

    Foreign objects are not allowed. Spare lego parts must be from nxt kit or lab. Borrowing/trading with other groups (with consent) is permissable.
  • Robot Entry:

    All Robots must have stylized introduction show around 15 seconds long. Think WWE. Throwing chairs is not advisable. This can be a seperate program from sumo match program.


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