College Prep Workshop
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    What is Engineering?

This session will introduce students to engineering. There will be a hands on activity affiliated with this session including...

  • Lunch

  • Fashion Show

    During lunch we will have a fashion show which would show the different types of dress and the situations in which they are appropriate.

  • NSBE Step Team

    All work and know play makes life boring so during lunch relax and watch the step team go to work!!!

  • Student Panel

    Students from various disciplines ranging from liberal arts to technical majors will talk about their experiences. This session will involve a question and answer between the panel, students, and parents.

    Want to join us?

We would love to invite you and your family to come join us and participate in the 2008 College Prep Workshop. Registration is simple- only 3 easy steps!
  1. Download this .doc file: RegistrationForm.doc
  2. Fill out the registration form completely in Microsoft Word
  3. Send your completed form via email to:

That's it! See you there!

Fort Pitt Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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