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Here are a paper and a project that I have done.



This is the abstract my master's degree thesis; The Effects of Corruption on the Size of Government Focusing the Role of Democracy; A Cross-Country Analysis.
At that time, I was interested in corruption, democracy, and government size. Especially, I wanted to know how much corruption and democracy affect on the size of government. So, I have searched the government sizes, indexs of corruption, degrees of democracy, and other explanatory variables of about 100 countries. You can see the conculsion of my paper in the abstract.



I have done several projects with my professors in Seoul National University.
But those projects are in Korean, so I can't introduce all of them. So, I chose to show you one in English. This is about "Regulation" and "Economic Growth". Actually, this presentation document is now the result of the project. But, the project and this document shares the commons a lot.