Nitin Gupta


Current work

Home users are creating enormous amounts of data. They manage, access and share this data in ad-hoc ways. My research focus is on making it easier for these non-expert users to manage their data storage and access control needs. This research encompasses storage and access even within the home between various user devices.



Being an electrical and computer engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon and having over ten years of experience in the industry, I have seen a large variety of computing applications from tiny wireless sensor network nodes (a few square cm in size) to high performance computing systems occupying thousands of square feet of space and top-of-the line networking equipment that feeds the internet connections across continents. I believe that we as engineers have done an exceptional job in designing and engineering such systems. However, I also firmly believe that we need to focus on cleaner designs and better manageable products.



A good engineer can build a sophisticated and complex computer system. A great engineer makes one that is usable and dependable for the majority of the users.