Nitin Gupta


 I have over ten years of professional experience in the computing industry with a strong background in distributed systems, file-systems and embedded systems.


I am a Principal Research Programmer at Carnegie Mellon CyLab. Here, I have been working on the data storage and access control needs of home users.


Prior to that I worked at Panasas as a Software Engineer responsible for developing kernel filesystem software for use in high performance computing storage systems.


Before this I worked at ECI Telecom - Data Networking Division as a Senior Software Engineer responsible for maintaining and developing the automated broadband networking infrastructure.


Prior to that I worked as a Development Engineer at Timesys Corporation. Here, I worked on Embedded and Real-time Linux kernel for all common processor architectures including ARM/XScale, PowerPC, MIPS, SuperH and x86.


My first professional experience was at Sankhya Technologies as a Software Engineer working on various projects for Mentor Graphics including their VRTX RTOS and XRAY for Spectra debugger.


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