The Tower
composer: Nancy Galbraith (1985)
genre: symphony orchestra
length: 1 movement, 20:00 minutes
orchestration: 3fl(pic), 2ob, 3cl(bs), 3bn(contra), alto sax;
4hn, 2tpt, 3tbn(bs); timp, 3perc, pno(cel), hrp, pno;
publisher: Nancy Galbraith

world premiere: 6 February 1986
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic OrchestraWerner Torkanowsky, conductor
Alumni Concert Hall,Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
program notes: "The Tower" was Galbraith's first post-academic orchestral work. Although not wholly programmatic, it is loosly based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The premiere was led by retired New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony conductor Werner Torkanowsky and rehearsed several times by Carnegie Mellon student-conductor Keith Lockhart.