m Program Notes - String Quartet No. 3
String Quartet No. 3
composer: Nancy Galbraith (2005)
length: 4 movements, 15:00 minutes
movements: 1. Allegro
2. Folk Fragments
3. Chorale and Ostinato
4. Appalachian Strings
publisher: Subito Music Publishing (ASCAP)
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world premiere: 22 September 2005
Cuarteto Latinoamericano
Alumni Concert Hall • Carnegie Mellon University • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
program notes: "String Quartet No.3" was written for and dedicated to Mexico City's Cuarteto Latinoamericano.
composer's note:

Hints of Appalachian folk music pervade periodically throughout "String Quartet No. 3."

Movement I, Allegro, commences in a lively, tutti, forte manner, gradually unfolding into a rhythmically quirky and disjointed motive introduced by the cello and treated imitatively.

A haunting mirage is created in Movement II, Folk Fragments, by the over layering of folk music fragments into a textural web. The mood is gently interrupted by soft tapping on the violin, gradually layered with ostinato figures in the cello and viola, and transforming attacca into Movement III, Chorale and Ostinato. The movement eventually unfolds into a chorale-like rhythmic repetition of two simple chords, d minor and B flat major.

Movement IV, Appalachian Strings, is a spirited dance, fast throughout, and picking up momentum as it reaches an energetic finish.

This is the third string quartet I have composed for Cuarteto Latinoamericano, following String Quartet No. 1 (1996) and Inquiet Spirits (2000). I am delighted and honored to continue our collaboration with this newest work. —N.G.

recordings: Nancy Galbraith: Cuarteto Latinoamericano
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Cuarteto Latinoamericano
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