Two Moods for Harp
composer: Nancy Galbraith (2006)
genre: harp solo
length: 2 movements, 11:30 minutes
movements: 1. Meditation   2. Caprice
publisher: Subito Music Publishing (ASCAP)
60 Depot Street, Verona, NJ 07044 • 973-857-3440

world premiere: 10 December 2006
Gretchen Van Hoesen
Kresge Recital Hall • Carnegie Mellon University • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
program notes: "Two Moods for Harp" was commissioned by Gretchen Van Hoesen, principal harpist for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
composer's note: Movement 1, "Meditation," is rhapsodic in nature, contrasting areas of meditative hymn-like serenity with outbursts of fast runs and passages. The movement evolves into a more steady rhythmic middle section, building to a forte tremolo climax. The meditation ends serenely as it begins.
  Movement 2, "Caprice," is spirited and lively, making use of syncopated rhythms and dancing rhythmic motives. A left-handed ostinato figure appears in the development and serves as a basis for syncopated chordal accents in the right hand.
  "Two Moods for Harp" was commissioned by and is dedicated with great admiration to Gretchen Van Hoesen. —N.G.