Euphonic Blues (for brass band)
composer: Nancy Galbraith (2013)
genre(s): brass bandsymphony orchestrawind ensemble
length: 1 movement, 10:00 minutes
orchestration: 4 solo crn, sop crn, rep crn, 2 e-fl tba,
flugel, 3 alto, 3 perc, synth
publisher: Subito Music Publishing (ASCAP)
60 Depot Street, Verona, NJ 07044 • 973-857-3440

brass premiere: 23 March 2013
Altena BrassJan Gerrit Adema, conductor
Fort Altena • Werkendam, the Netherlands
program notes:

"Euphonic Blues" was originally composed for symphony orchestra and was premiered by the Carnegie Mellon School of Music for its Centennial Celebration concert in September 2012. In 2013, Altena Brass of the Netherlands commissioned and performed the world premiere of the composer's brass band arrangement at the band's annual Easter concert. In 2019, the Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble commissioned and performed the world premiere of the composer's wind ensemble arrangement.

composer's notes:

My intention for "Euphonic Blues" was to write a predominantly melodic work using polychords and lush diatonic harmonies that reflects a somewhat bluesy and nostalgic sound. Much of my music falls under the umbrella of "post-minimalism" as it is replete with rhythmic drive and harmonic textures. My more extended instrumental compositions also include areas with a more melodic character and gentler pulse contrasting the surrounding livelier content. For this piece I wanted to focus more on the melodic, nostalgic side. My music also exhibits a distinctively American sound, and this naturally led to the bluesy character of some the music.