Program Notes - Behind the Eyes
Behind the Eyes
composer: Nancy Galbraith (2021)
text: Matthew Galbraith (2017)
genre: duet with pre-recorded audio
length: 1 movement, 7:40 minutes
orchestration: solo female voice, virtual female chorus, solo flute,
pre-recorded audio
publisher: Subito Music Publishing (ASCAP)
60 Depot Street, Verona, NJ 07044 • 973-857-3440

video premiere: 15 April 2021
Anna Elder, female voice + virtual chorus • Sarah Steranka, flute
Irma Freeman Center for Imagination; Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
program notes:

"Behind the Eyes" was composed for and premiered by two members of the contemporary quintet, Kamratōn – Anna Elder and Sarah Steranka. The text is adapted from the poem of the same name by Matthew Galbraith, the composer's husband. It was composed for future live performances with solo female voice and solo flute, along with a pre-recorded "fixed media" sound track. The fixed media includes a trio female chorus, recorded by Anna Elder, and a virtual ensemble of ambient and percussive sounds created by the composer using the Ableton Live application.

The work was recorded and engineered by Ryan McMasters, and released in early April 2021 with a video created by Mr. Galbraith. For live performances, the mixed media soundtrack is available senza both soloists, or senza one or the other of the soloists.

  Behind the Eyes
In the world between
Words and dreams
Resting on the shore of your trancendental sea
It seems enough for now to feel
A calm to test the waters
And one more season hence
To swim sink surrender
Through your eternal peace
— Matthew Galbraith
    Particle Man: Third Book of Poems (2017)