C Nancy Galbraith: Atacama D
performers: Atacama Sonata
Alberto Almarza (flute) • Luz Manriquez (piano)
Inquiet Spirits • Cuarteto Latinoamericano
Wind Symphony No. 1
Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble • Denis Colwell (conductor)
Piano Sonata No. 1 • Patricia Prattis Jennings (piano)
Dos Danzas Latinas
Sinfonietta Ventus (wind octet) • Jesus Medina (conductor)

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program: [01] Atacama Sonata: Capricho
[02] Atacama Sonata: Nocturno —in memory of the missing
[03] Atacama Sonata: Volante
[04] Inquiet Spirits (String Quartet No.2): Allegro
[05] Wind Symphony No. 1: Allegro
[06] Wind Symphony 1: Andante
[07] Wind Symphony 1: Vivace
[08] Piano Sonata No. 1: Fugue
[09] Piano Sonata No. 1: Religioso
[10] Piano Sonata No. 1: Allegro
[11] Dos Danzas Latinas: Habanera
[12] Dos Danzas Latinas: Samba
release info: Albany Records • 2002 • TROY556
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"Overall this is a disc of tremendous energy and wonderful exuberance. None of these works are pieces to listen to while falling asleep. This is stay awake! music that demands and compels active and repeated listening. Although Galbraith's musical language uses primarily diatonic elements (and heavy uses of modality—both traditional and idiosyncratic), none of this music reveals all its secrets on a first hearing. This is music to be played and heard again and again." —Music & Vision

source: nancygalbraith.com