about me


When I was growing up, my family moved very often. However, I claim Columbia, SC as home.   Growing up I always had a fervor for math and science.  Even as a 1st grader I declared my love for science by expressing my interest in entomology.  It wasn't until a tragic encounter with an ant colony in my grandmother's backyard not long after that declaration that I denounced my love for insects. The love for math and science remained in my heart. 

As I grew older, I developed a love for computer technology and language learning.  As a young adult I lived in Brazil, Japan, and Benin and traveled to numerous countries abroad.  I am fluent in Portuguese, Japanese, and French.  I studied computer engineering at Howard University in Washington, DC and Software Engineering at Auburn University.  I am currently pursuing my PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. My experiences in the academy have heightened my interest in promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, (STEM) among American students. I am committed to working to retain the number of students who enter advance degree programs in STEM areas in general and in computational science and engineering specifically.  I am also interested in promoting study abroad and exchange programs among American students in an effort to expose them to a world that continues to "flatten," as is so eloquently put by Thomas Friedman.


hobbies & interests

  • Website developement
  • Spending time with friends & family
  • Reading
  • Playing Tennis
  • More recently, politics
  • Dancing and Aerobics
  • Programming
  • Traveling


  • 2007-2008, Secretary, Society of Women Engineers, Howard University
  • 2007-2008, Community Service Chair, Phi Sigma Rho, Howard University
  • 2007-2008, Community Service Chair, Tau Beta Phi, Howard University
  • 2006-2007, Vice President, National Society of Black Engineers, Howard University
  • 2004-2005, Academic Excellence Chair, National Society of Black Engineers, Howard University

family & friends

These are the people who have supported me throughout my life and I love them dearly.


Links & Resources

Here are a few sites that I find interesting, beneficial, or comical.