Here are some pictures from my trip to Holland in Spring, 2000.

The People

Béryl at her 25th birthday celebration!

Bart, also at the party. And Stomper, too!

Karen, our live entertainment for the evening. Listen to Karen!

Liana was there, too! Listen to Liana or to me!

Good Friday--A day off, a day on the terrace...

with Ellen Janssen (aka Ellentje)

and Bas.

Here I am!

At the apartment...

I couldn't forget Jappy! (sounds like "yappy").

Beautiful (?) flowers from Ellen after a long, hard day at school! Thank you Ellentje!!!

Dinner tricks!

The Places

Our apartment--Dommer van Poldersveldtweg 90

The tower behind the Super de Boer at the end of our street

The bridge and market in 's Hertogenbosch

The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Evangelist