English German Questionnaire


On the following page you will be presented with a list of English words. For this task, in the spaces next to each English word please type the first German translation that you think of. There is no right or wrong answer for this task. We are interested in your first answers, so it is important that you do not go back and change any of your translations.

There may be some words that you do not know. For this task we are not examining your knowledge of English and German. We are interested in knowing which words you know and do not know. Therefore it is very important that you do not consult a dictionary or other source of information while completing this task. If you are unfamiliar with a word, leave the space blank and move on to the next one. Please do not put your name on the translation forms.

Please remember to only type the first translation you think of and do not go back to change your answers.

After you have completed the task you will be presented with a brief questionnaire which contains questions relating to your language history. Please read the instructions carefully and answer the questions truthfully. Please do not put your name on the language history questionnaire.

If you have any questions please ask Natasha Tokowicz at tokowicz@pitt.edu/p>

Thank you for your participation.

joke lightning
garden solution
mud defeat
boat thread
movie town
confession pope
fruit girl
crude experience
treaty bee
circle ant
mother umbrella
certainty wish
salt pearl
delay leader
queen shop
power climate
watch cave
manner lesson
riddle meat
virtue cow
smart mountain
necessity panic
bench end
passion estimation
river care
thin result
night oath
song sheep
roof interest
law room
mouth loan
woman bullet
pea discovery
hedge tall
mode bottle
angle flea
duck winter
wire bird
tension moon
summer fair
colour sweat
tenant shy
chin throat
education birthday
grief trousers
lad promise
danger memory
monkey loan
difference uncle
rain dawn
heat attention
money pound
utensil sheet
bull will
gap entry
bull message
rule contents
art dull
snake pipe
conscience vase
ease house
carrot cruel
fame tiger
brow riot
peach spine
creation revenge
grape betrayal
giant body
candle action
plan wolf
chair street
prince author
order smoke
ground noise
flood principle
heathen suit
cycle scandal
twin quality
worth eagle
meeting description
abuse heart
current cheek
tail turtle
lady coward
car pin
soap dusk
language people
word boot
noble sugar
holy field
boy chain
question sky
season rabbit
blanket tongue
dame surprise
sock advantage
torch compulsion
butterfly spoon
frog ink
Domain luck
huge skin
form owner
shortage sale
nice captain
reason insect
respect taste
crime head
guilt block
pig beach
rose village
task ale
fire farmer
pine forest
tap smell
west earth
year bone
flower wages
pear world
feeling fox
dance bold
maid bread
towel strawberry
pie book
flame part
choice crown
mill recovery
cotton lens
odd trade
knight pride
ticket cause
joy funny
medal attempt
chest signature
possibility space
mail coin
saucer middle
scarf mirror
support herb
faith proof
bible shark
face mouse
Coffee iron
voice apple
duke father
thumb whale
anger snow
dog lawn
victim sign
skirt fly
rhythm bath
chap unity
pants thing
juice rice
cloud window
size raw
ceiling pile
simplicity wet
beauty corn
eye gas
alley road
possession pillow
fist arrow
meaning army
motive insight
gun rope
cloak pair
train slave
rumour coat
height map
impression lamb
rail violin
demand science
farm disadvantage
decision king
time sleeve
tag newspaper
calf piece
pencil finger
twilight cab
bag flu
nose weakness
blind cat
future sister
crook ball
daughter pox
failure exchange
ear fate
dirt rifle
nurse skill
metal soil
shame favour
culture bid
tale bride
lion tree
horse protection
name gentleman
day hand
wing influence
butcher hero
youth jaw
thought pen
police date
gown quarrel
straw despair
pigeon inheritance
thigh mule
clock mast
master desk
mile innocence
needle complaint
public fur
friend wisdom
progress duty
son airplane
sea scar
shape shoe
murderer wheel
thief stone
figure pirate
blame lemon
gift nonsense
shoulder lie
country sail
threat hat
pepper funeral
example arrival
wall potato
wave trunk
dove opportunity
honesty age
flaw sacrifice
patience stomach
dress deed
change silk
strength bike
tough vet
greengrocer belt
oat sauce
wage wind
fashion paint
honey story
box nature
music silver
bowel mask
price sun
guitar knife
fever warmth
dust tobacco
moustache haven
scissors bosom
fog war
baker dislike
tea jail
health regret
descent garlic
kitchen silence
autumn distance
doctor brother
method tear
water glove
pity direction
monk stench
peace grudge
aunt case
opinion majority
truth triangle
jar crowd
curse event
hell pole
cage gold
trash rough
hospital foot
cruelty sin
elbow leg
mercy criticism
inhabitant doll
wood century
hair base
neck office
chance information
enemy speech


You have completed this part of the experiment.

Please press Continue, to move on to the second part - a questionnaire about your language background. Please note, your data will not be saved unless you complete both parts of the experiment.



























Language History Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to give us a better understanding of your eperience learning a second language. We ask that you be as accurate and thorough as possible when answering the following questions and thank you for your participation in this study.

If at any time, you need more space to write, please feel free to use the extra space available in section 26, entitled Additional Informmation, of this document. Please put the question number beside your responses.


     Sex:               Age (in years)                 Handedness :        Native country

                               Years spent in the U.S.                            Years spent in U.S. schools

1.) Do you have any known visual or hearing problems (corrected or uncorrected))?


2.) What is your first language (i.e., language first spoken)?  If more than one, please briefly describe the situations in which each language was used.


Which language (if any) do you consider your second language?


3.) If you have ever lived in or visited a country where languages other than your native language are spoken, please indicate below the name of the country (countries), the duration of your stay in number of months, and which languages you used while you were in the country (please indicate if you were spoken to in a language other than your first language, even if you never actually spoke that language).

Country visited

 # Months there

Language(s) used

4.) List below, from most fluent to least fluent, all of the languages to which you have been exposed. Also specify the age in years at which you began to learn the language and the context in which you learned it.  For example, "English, birth, home".  Include all languages to which you have been exposed, although you may never have had formal training in them and may not be able to read, speak or write them. Please remember to list your native language(s)


Age in years

Learning situation

5.) What languages were spoken in your home while you were a child and by whom?)? 


6.) How many years have you studied your second language?  Please indicate the setting(s) in which you have had experience with the language (i.e., classroom, with friends, foreign country...)

        Number of years:


7)  Are you currently enrolled in any language courses other than French On Line? (Any course either instructed in a foreign language or designed to teach a foreign language). If so, please list the course number(s) below, along with the title of the course.


Course #

Title of Course

8.) What languages other than your first language do you speak fluently?

9.) What languages other than your first language do you read fluently?

10.) What languages other than your first language do you write fluently?

11.) What languages other than your first language do you understand when they're spoken?

** For the next eight questions, please check below the number of your response.**

12.) Please list the language(s) the following people speak.



Closest Friend:

13.) Please rate your first language reading proficiency on a ten-point scale

Not literate                 Very literate
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

14.) Please rate your second language reading proficiency on a ten-point scale

Not literate                 Very literate
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

15.) Please rate your first language writing proficiency on a ten-point scale

Not literate                 Very literate
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

16.) Please rate your second language writing proficiency on a ten-point scale

Not literate                 Very literate
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

17.) Please rate your first language conversational fluency on a ten-point scale

Not fluent                 Very fluent
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

18.) Please rate your second language conversational fluency on a ten-point scale

Not fluent                 Very fluent
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

19.) Please rate your first language speech comprehension ability on a ten-point scale

Unable to understand conversation                 Perfectly able to understand conversation
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

20.) Please rate your French speech comprehension ability on a ten-point scale

Unable to understand conversation                 Perfectly able to understand conversation
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


21.) How would you rate your foreign language learning skills? Please choose your response.

22.) When learning a new language, which of the following do you find the easiest to learn?

   Please rank the following from 1 to 4 (1=easiest; 4=hardest).

  Easiest     Hardest
  1 2 3 4




Sayings / Expressions


23.) Have you ever been immersed in your second language culture(please select)?


24.) Please compare learning a second language in an immersion environment with one learning in a classroom environment (Which one is easier? In which did you learn more? ...) Please comment about the difference between your various learning experiences.


25.) Is there anything else about your language background that you would like to comment on? Please feel free to make comments about things which were not covered on this questionnaire.

26.)Additional Information.

Thank you for your participation - Please press the Submit button to send in the questionnaire.