First Aid Guide. First Aid Guide. First Aid Guide. First Aid Guide. First Aid Guide.

This project began with an unformatted text, a set of comprehensive first aid instructions.

Project Constraints:
-Limit to one time tested type family for core content
-Three color system (no tints or shades)
-Limit to 16-pages, + cover
-No photographic imagery (type can be used as image)
-Audience: School nurse, after-school provider, care giver

I was tasked with creating a high fidelity final piece that utilized a strong typographic and visual system to succesfully communicate this information in a format that is applicable to first aid scenarios.

First Aid Guide.

I took inspiration from the visual of a half opened band-aid to begin building a grid system and establish a visual type hierarchy with high contrast of weight. High contrast being important for the digestion of such dense information in emergency scenarios.

First Aid Guide.

I began to work with the content making decisions about what needed to be emphasized on the page and how my type system could make the dense inforamtion navigable for an emergency situation.

I evolved the grid inspired by what I saw in the band-aid to something that allowed for a fourth layer of information and a more desireable page shape and size.

I continued to refine navigation by carefully blocking content and placing it into the system and established a visual style with application of color.

First Aid Guide.

To compliment the typographic and hierachical system I created I began to work with imagery, iconography, and diagramming as an educational suplement to the naked text.

My goal surrounding imagery was to visually compliment with appropriate style and simultaneously quickly communicate complex physical conditions and treatments to a wide and varied non-medical audience.

First Aid Guide. First Aid Guide.

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