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CS curriculum content creation

∙ educational content creation for an online high school computer science curriculum

∙ spring 2021

Press any key to see and hear the change from night (a minor arpeggio) to day (a major arpeggio).


In Spring 2021, I took a course called CS Pedagogy, through which I worked with one other classmate to develop educational exercises for a high school CS/Python Curriculum (CMU CS Academy). I created content for the Music Module, which aims to teach students the fundamentals of music theory and algorithmic music generation.

The exercises I created involve computer-generated art and music, including music generation based on Markov transition probabilities and Euclidean rhythm patterns. Most of my exercises were interactive (i.e. through mouse or keyboard, as in the demo above). They covered a wide range of musical topics, such as harmony, motifs, and rhythm. Since the course teaches Python, all of the exercises were developed entirely in CS Academy's version of Python.

In addition to ideating, designing, developing, and refining around ten of these creative music exercises throughout the duration of this course, I learned about the art of pedagogy and how to effectively create educational content, as well as how to be more effective at giving and receiving feedback during a critique.

The content of the course interested me as I've always loved exploring the intersection of art and computing. I was especially excited to work on the Music Module (other modules include Art and Game Design) because I have a background in classical music. This class was my first experience with educational content creation, and working with creative code was definitely challenging but rewarding.


Python   ∙   educational content creation

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