Useful links

quick contents: the science of astronomy; the business of astronomy; the philosophy of science; the humor of science; computing; plotting; Chicago


The science of astronomy



the Dark Energy Survey

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

SDSS 3 education and outreach

Galaxy Zoo

Cosmo Coffee

Astronomy Picture of the Day


The business of astronomy

AAS Articles of Interest on Employment Topics

The Academic Scientist's Toolkit from Science

Statistics from the American Institute of Physics


The philosophy of science

Misconceptions and missing conceptions about the process of science, Anne Egger

The Relativity of Wrong, Isaac Asimov

We don't understand as much as we think we do, Jonathan Drori

How juries are fooled by statistics, Peter Donnelly

A good summary of stereotype threat


The humor of science

Selected comics from xkcd

Happy Face Math

Eric Postpischil's math jokes site. #8 and #10 are particularly recommended.

All the Gas Giants

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature

Giant page of physics jokes



Project Euler problems, good test cases for learning a new programming language

awk and sed one-liners

Fast numerical integration, John Cook

the Wolfram Integrator, simple analytic integration over the Internet



Toshihiko Kawano's gnuplot pages, the best reference around

gnuplot demos

The Joy of Supermongo, Rebecca Stanek

Plotting with Supermongo, Craig Rudick

The official SM reference manual and tutorial


Chicago (my previous location)

Chicago Life from the U of C, the best place to find the kind of restaurants you usually don't hear about in tourist guides. Especially check out the Great Neighborhood Restaurants list.

the CTA, Chicago's in-city public transit

National Weather Service Chicago homepage and the weather station on the UChicago campus