Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA - Silicon Valley CA
Masters of Science in Information Technology
GPA: 3.67/4
August 2014 - May 2016 (expected)

Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, India
Bachelors in Information and Communication Technology
GPA: 7.23 / 10
August 2007 - May 2011


Image Classification Analysis on CIFAR-10 Dataset

Evaluated performance of various supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms on CIFAR-10 dataset using various feature extraction( HOG, GIST) & feature selection (PCA, SBMLR, MI ) techniques. We were ranked among top 15 out of 123 teams in Kaggle competition.

Large Scale Machine Learning Algorithms

Implemented various Machine Learning Algorithms like Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression using Stochastic Gradient Descent, Phrase Finder, Approximate PageRank using large datasets. Ported them to Hadoop MapReduce using AWS.

Cura - Patient Care Health Management System

Developed a health care management system which collects data from various wearables devices and visualize them on a web/mobile based dashboard. Here

Text Information Retrieval

Created Text Search Engine using a pre-indexed corpus consisting of 10% of all Wikipedia webpages (Lucene), as part of the Search Engines course.

Dynamic Memory Allocator

Created a custom dynamic memory allocation library functions (Malloc, Calloc, Free and Realloc) using segregated lists and employed a first fit policy for block selection.

Cache Simulator

Wrote a cache simulator to simulate the behavior of a cache with arbitrary size and associativity on a valgrind trace file. It uses the LRU (least-recently used) replacement policy when choosing which cache line to evict.