Service Oriented Architecture

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Course Description


Microsoft defines service oriented architecture as "the art of modeling

an organization's business processes, as a well-factored portfolio of

network-addressable business components." 


In this course, we will study service oriented architecture from both an

architectural and development perspective.  We will discus principles

and patterns but also study how these may be implemented in a modern

SOA platform.


In particular we will cover the principles of service oriented analysis and

design, second generation web service standards,  enterprise service bus (ESB)

functionality and web service orchestration using the Business Process Execution Language

(BPEL).  There will also be a theoretical piece covering Petri nets.


The hands-on component of this course will include programming activities using

Oracle’s SOA Suite of tools.


A long the way the students will have the opportunity to study a high level

reference architecture built by IBM for CMU.


It will be assumed that the student has completed or is completing a course

in distributed systems that covers web services. It will also be assumed that

the student can program in Java or C#.


Suggested Prerequisite: 95-702 Distributed Systems

Last Updated: October 2011