95-733 Internet Technologies

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Look for frequent updates to the topics, slides and readings.

Tuesday May 20Chapter 1 and 2 but mainly chapter 3 on CSS from Sebesta
Web Platform Docs
Introductory servlets
AJAX Article By Philip McCarthy
AJAX Code discussed in the article by Philip McCarthy
Firebug tutorial
Debugging AJAX
The programmable web
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Grammar Is Cool
Google Maps at W3 Schools
Google Maps at Oracle
CSS At W3 Schools
Lynda and CMU Tutorials
Hello World Using JSON and AJAX
Lectures on Video
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)
Homework Start up and Submission guide
AJAX, JSON, Stax, Google Maps Homework 1
Student selected project 4
Tuesday May 27Chapter 4,5 and 10 and 34 on JavaScript and Ajax in Sebesta PWWW
XSLT Article by Michael Kay
XPath Article by Elliotte Rusty Harold
Programming in XSLT
W3 Schools: XSLT Testing Platform
Running XSLT from JavaScript in the browser
Michael Kay on XSLT (Video)
XSLT Details
Tuesday June 3Chapter 11 Java Web Software in Sebesta PWWW, Ruby chapter 14, Rails Chapter 15
The BBC: How we make websites
Ruby and Rails Installation for Windows and Mac
Ruby Versioning Manager (RVM)
Ruby Tutorial
Rails Tutorial
IBM Article On Ruby and ActiveRecord
Rails and GitHub and Heroku Notes
Ruby and Ruby On Rails
XSLT Homework 2
Homework 1
Tuesday June 10Chapter 7 Introduction to XML in Sebesta PWWW
Using the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) on Google Earth
W3 Schools: An Introduction to DTD's
W3 Schools: An Introduction to XSD
JSON Schema
IBM article on JSON Schema
Using JQuery
Using JQuery With Netbeans
Tuesday: Homework 4 demonstration topic due to Blackboard. Submit page from web with description of presentation.
Tuesday June 17 Exam 1 turned in this week.
Google, Yahoo, and Bing
TBL and the Semantic Web
TBL and Linked Data
Linked Data at Nature
Linked Data
Sematic web Tutorial
Google Knowledge Graph
A List Apart on RDFa
Google's Use of RDFa
Best Buy uses RDFa for eCommerce
What is RDF?
Introduction to RDF
Homework 2
Tuesday June 24
Using Freebase
Metaweb built Freebase and was acquired by Google in 2010
Google's blog on the acquisition (2010)
Freebase database
Python - reading freebase
MQL Documentation
DBPedia and freebase
Metcalfe's Law, Web 2.0 and the semantic web
The Wine Ontology
SPARQL Tutorial
Semantic Web Experts Video
Linked Data Video
Introduction to OWL
Making queries on RDF
Week of June 30 Final Exam Date/Time TBA
Final exam - Review for final exam


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