95-712 Object Oriented Programming in Java         Course Information Summer  2008 


TR 03:30PM 04:50PM HBH 1502

We also meet on the discussion board.


Michael J. McCarthy
Phone: 412-268-4657 Office: 3018 HBH
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10-12 
Home Page www.andrew.cmu.edu/~mm6   

Teaching Assistant 

Yubao Yang 




Between five and seven projects  40% (equally weighted, no collaboration) 

Each project will normally consist of several programming activities.   

Three Quizzes:  15% (Closed book, low score dropped) 

Midterm:           20% (Closed book) 

Final:                 25% (Closed book and comprehensive) 

Late Assignment Policy


Each student may turn in one assignment one week late with no penalty. 

Any other late work will be penalized 10% per day. 

Grading Scale 

97.5 - 100 A+
92.5 - 97.4 A
90.0 - 92.4 A-
87.5 - 89.9 B+
82.5 - 87.4 B
80.0 - 82.4 B-

The course mean requirement [3.33..3.42] will override the above. 

Policy on collaboration 

Collaboration is not permitted. While it is fine to discuss projects with 

others it is a cheating violation when code is copied or shared. If a student 

is caught sharing his or her work with another, a score of zero will be 

assigned for that assignment. Likewise, if a student uses another's work 

when completing his or her own, a grade of zero will be assigned for 

that assignment. Any case of suspected cheating will be brought to the 

Dean’s attention. At that point, the policies of the Heinz School on 

cheating will be followed. 

Required Textbook 

Bruce Eckel, "Thinking in Java" Fourth Edition
ISBN 0-13-187248-6   

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