The Story of Aki

Collie or Not? Aki was born in April 1998. We first met him when he was eight weeks old and living at the Washington County Humane Society. Of course he wasn't Aki then, he was just an anonymous whiny fleabag identified as Collie x. We brought him to the vet and asked, "Is he a collie or what?" The vet didn't know. But she knew for sure he had lots of worms and fleas and sold us all the expensive poisons we needed to fix him up.

Whine! Whine! Please take me home with you before they kill me!

Did you know? Lots of dogs like Aki need good homes. You might be able to get a dog like Aki at the Washington County Humane Society, the Animal Rescue League of Western PA, Animal Friends or the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Baby Aki We brought Aki home and taught him all the things he needed to know, like how to pee on old newspapers. He learned quickly and soon he was peeing and pooping like a pro. Although he could go up the stairs, he had trouble going down until Larry showed him how. After several hilarious demonstrations, Aki finally got the hang of it and now "going down" is one of his favorite things to do. He went to Puppy Kindergarten, where he learned to "sit" and "stay."

Did you know? Aki's real name is Ak-Mak. He was named after a delicious whole wheat cracker. Would you like to taste some? Click on the Ak-Mak package to order some.

Aki's Childhood Aki grew at a good pace. Sometimes when we woke up in the morning, he was much bigger than he had been the night before. His nose got longer and he began to look more like a collie. He chewed a big hole in the couch and ate several library books. He went to Basic Obedience School and got a blue ribbon. The number of things he chewed was not factored into his grade.

Did you know? There is a wilderness camp in Ontario named after Aki. Would you like to get rid of your kids this summer? Send them to Camp Ak-O-Mak.

Aki Grows Up All too soon, the puppy days were behind us and our little Aki became a mischievous teen-age dog. As a graduate of Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience School, he is very socialized. He loves to meet new people and new dogs. He particularly enjoys meeting small babies and licking their little heads while their mothers look on in horror. He likes to go for walks in beautiful Frick Park which has an off-leash area and a Doggy Dam.

Did you know? Lassie is the world's most famous collie. There have been nine Lassies so far, all of them boys. You can learn lots more about the Lassies by visiting Lassie Net.

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