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The Minden Lab
Cell Death
Cell Death


Research in the Minden lab

Our lab uses proteomics, fluorescent probe development and time-lapse microscopy to study two central questions in developmental biology:

  • Tissue morphogenesis: Embryo development is typified by a tremendous amount of cell movement. How do the cells in fruit fly (Drosophila) embryos change their shape to drive tissue morphogeneis?
  • Programmed cell death: Programmed cell death (apoptosis) plays a central role in embryonic development. How do cells decide to die to maintain tissue homostasis?


Contact information

Dr. Jonathan Minden
Office: Room 279, Mellon Institute
Lab : Room 281/283/285/291, Mellon Insitute
Tel. : 412-268-2669 (office)/ 412-268-3448 (lab)
Fax : 412-268-7129
E-mail :

Mailing address
Minden Lab
Department of Biological Sciences,
Box 193, Mellon Institute,
4400, Fifth Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Cell Death