Tutorial slides are available here. The password will be distributed at the workshop. Registrants should contact the organizers if necessary.

This tutorial on AI&Law will be held in conjunction with ICAIL 2017: XVI International Conference on AI and Law, Monday June 12, 2017, London, UK. It is the successor to similar tutorials at prior ICAIL conferences.

The goal of the tutorial is to provide the audience with sufficient background to enable them to appreciate and to engage with the ideas and issues presented in the remainder of the 2017 Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law. The tutorial is intended for newcomers to the field of Artificial Intelligence and Law or those who wish to have a 'refresher' course. No technical knowledge on the part of the audience will be assumed.

Interested participants are welcome to contact the presenters for questions and detailed information.

Covered Topics

  • Formalizing legislation using logic
  • Deducing vs. arguing from legal rules: Argument schema and diagrams
  • Lessons learned about modeling legal rules
  • Representing legal concepts with ontologies
  • Case-based models of legal reasoning
  • Predicting outcomes of legal disputes
  • Extracting information from legal texts
  • Intelligent legal Information retrieval
  • Argument schemes for reasoning with values, purposes, and principles
  • Analyzing electronically stored information in pretrial e-discovery.
  • Annotating legal texts in terms of argument schema so that programs can learn to extract arguments
  • Some current issues in AI and Law

Time & Location

The tutorial will be held at King's College on Monday, June 12, room K6.29 (the anatomy lecture theatre) from 9am to 12:45pm with a coffee break from 10:30-11am. The tutorial slides will be made available to attendees.


  • Kevin D. Ashley
    University of Pittsburgh
    ashley at pitt dot edu
  • Matthias Grabmair
    Carnegie Mellon University
    mgrabmai at andrew dot cmu dot edu