Martin Gaynor
Heinz College
Carnegie Mellon University

Health Care Cost Institute


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Working Papers

"Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service." Martin Gaynor, Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler. (October, 2012)

"Death by Market Power: Reform, Competition and Patient Outcomes in the National Health Service." Martin Gaynor, Rodrigo Moreno-Serra and Carol Propper. (April, 2012)

"A Structural Approach to Market Definition With an Application to the Hospital Industry." Martin Gaynor, Samual A. Kleiner, and William B. Vogt. (March, 2012)

"Analysis of Hospital Production: An Output Index Approach." Martin Gaynor, Samual A. Kleiner, and William B. Vogt. (March, 2012)

"Competition Index for Differentiated Products Oligopoly With an Application to Hospital Markets." Yaa O.D. Akosa Antwi, Martin Gaynor, and William B. Vogt. (Undated Rough Draft)

"Overlapping Generations, Moral Hazard, and the Organization of Medical Partnerships." Martin Gaynor and David S. Salant. (October 1999)

"Physician Contracting with Health Plans- A Survey of the Literature." Martin Gaynor and Tami Mark. (June 1999)

"Does Managed Care Matter? Hospital Utilization in the U.S. Between 1985 and 1993." Farasat Bokhari, Jonathan P. Calukins, Martin S. Gaynor and Douglas R. Wholey. (February 1998)

"Insurance, Vertical Restraints and Competition." Martin Gaynor and Ching-to Albert Ma. (June 1996)



"Health Care Cost and Utilization Report: 2010." Health Care Cost Institute, Washington, DC. (May, 2012)


Works in Progress

“Free to Choose? Patient Choice and Hospital Quality in the National Health Service” with Carol Propper and Stephan Seiler.

“Does IT Save Lives (or at Least Cut Costs?) Hospital Use of Information Technology, Efficiency, and Health Outcomes” with Jean Abraham, Jeffrey McCullough, and Steven Parente.

“The Impact of the Hill-Burton Program on the U.S. Hospital Industry,” with Andrea Park and Seth Richards-Shubik.

“Monopoly and Data Security,” with Zia Hydari and Rahul Telang.

Appendix to Published Paper

Supplementary Material for Gaynor and Vogt, "Competition Among Hospitals," Rand Journal of Economics, Winter 2003, Vol. 34, No. 4, pp.764-785. (Link to published paper on Rand Journal website.)