Library Lore – “Without Speaking She Began to Type”.  It also helps to keep the patron engaged in what you’re doing.  They can then point out if you’re about to stray from their need.

Eldrad must listen!  Difficult (probably impossible) to listen and think of sources at the same time.

Too many closed questions are inefficient and your patron may give up on the interaction.  Your time needs to be spent more efficiently.

Let your patron have the chance to talk.  You be actively listening anyway.

Assumptions can be very bad.  Like the long haired fellow in the Harley Davidson T-shirt turning out to be a new philosophy professor.

Following up can help save a reference transaction from one of the other accidents.  Simply asking “Have you found what you needed?” will allow them to try the communication process again.  Let them know to return to you if they don’t find what they need.